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Simple Mission. Great Coffee. 


Strategic Approach
Coffee is grown in over 70 countries, making it the perfect industry to build a ministry around. 

 Need to get the word out about your new KG coffee? Head over to our social media materials  page . 

Need to get the word out about your new KG coffee? Head over to our social media materials page


Coffee & Missions: a perfect pair.

As the second most traded product in the world (only behind oil), we believe that using it share the love of Christ is a no-brainer. The "coffee belt" overlaps with a large portion of the world's unreached people groups. In addition to the spiritual impact we can create through coffee, we can also provide physical assistance. Most arabica coffee is grown on small, family farms earning an average of $1,500 - $3000 per year - some KG partners saw those number increase by up to 700%! This is achieved by: buying coffee at market value and, helping farmers improve their products and profit margins through cooperatives and training programs. 

Our goal is not only to create sustainable change at origin but to make it as easy as possible for you to support this global mission. For the same price as other specialty coffee you can have a real impact in lives around the world. You're going to drink coffee anyways, why not use it to share Christ with those who haven't heard? Not to mention, KG coffee tastes great!

What makes KG coffee so good.

  • 100% high-grown Arabica coffee.
  • Ensure the picking of ripe, red coffee cherries. 
  • All family farms over 1200 meters.
  • Mechanically sorted by weight to ensure that only the best beans make it to you.
  • All single origin coffees must score at least an 80 out of 100.
  • Our expert staff;  Certified Q-Grader, roaster, and international importing professionals.

When you are working for the Kingdom of God, you do your very best. When you seek to empower people around the world, you respect their work and ensure their product is brought to the market at the highest quality. These are principals that Kingdom Growers takes into account every step of the way, and you can taste it. 

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men"

 Colossians 3:23


Church Coffee

With Kingdom Growers you can be confident that your church's coffee budget is being stewarded wisely. Not only will you be serving a great product that your members are sure to enjoy, you will be supporting global missions for no extra cost.  

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Coffee Fundraisers 

Need to raise money for a mission trip, camp or anything else? Start a coffee fundraiser! You'll see that raising money is much easier when you offer a product that people already use everyday. And the best part is, when someone buys coffee to support your cause they're also supporting Kingdom Growers mission projects at the same time. Great for you, great for farming families!