Once on a family trip when I was about 8 I asked my granddad for a cup of coffee at a roadside park. After all he was having one and it seemed like a grown up thing to do. Well, needless to say I was traumatized. How could something that smelled that good tase so bad? And why did it last so bad for so long?

As I’ve become more aware of how people experience coffee you can’t overlook the impact either good or bad aftertaste can have on enjoyment of a coffee.

From a technical position when we measure aftertaste we are looking for the duration of the attributes (tastes and flavors) that hang out on the back of your pallet after you swallow the sample of coffee.

If the aftertaste is good but really short it’s not ideal. If it is unpleasant then back to the drawing board…

When we work with farming communities in areas that have never heard the Gospel we are always using technical coffee knowledge to bridge to moral concepts.

When you are gone from this earth what kind of aftertaste will you leave behind?? and why?

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