Flavor seems like a simple thing … It’s just what something tastes like…. right? Well, yes but the Lord has crafted us is a very complicated way. What we distinguish as flavors are actually determined by the taste buds and the aromas that are  picked up retro - nasally (from the mouth to the nose). We bet you’ve never used the term retro- nasal before..

When we judge whether a coffee has a “good” flavor or not we are looking for the intensity of the flavor along with the quality and complexity as determined by it’s combined taste and aroma.

As you dive deeper into the world of true coffee snobbery you will find incredible variations. Some coffees are chocolaty or nutty some have notes of citrus or butter. I’ve even had coffees that taste of blueberry or strawberry jam. How distinguishable and intense aromas and flavored are determine the value of these beans.

At KG we work to help farming communities realize the best their coffees have to offer and work to find the best values we can.

To learn more about KG visit us at www.kingdomgrowers.com or at our Roastery in Forney TX … Where that??? You mean you don’t know where Forney TX is …. hmmm..

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