Fragrance / Aroma


So much goes into a great cup of coffee. In the next few posts we will dive into what it means to serve great coffee. We hope that you will enjoy learning a bit about the world’s favorite caffeinated beverage. If you learn this …people will want to talk about it at parties. (We are not sure if that claim is actually true…)


Not all coffees are created equal. Coffees of different varieties, from different countries, regions, soil types and processes can all impact the quality of the cup. When we are looking to determine the quality of a cup, we are looking for what makes that coffee distinct from other coffees; Aroma plays an important role. Sniff the dry grounds right after grinding. Pay close attention to what you are sensing. Begin with the basics: Is it sweet, fruity or earthy? Is it bright and strong or just faint and weak? Then try to hone in on what you are perceiving.

When I learned the art of cupping, the instructor said, “So many eat and drink without tasting or experiencing.”


Here is the Specialty Coffee Association’s Flavor wheel. Most of these can be picked up when the coffee is dry. Give it a try!

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