Have you ever heard one of those coffee people (you know who I’m talking about) say something like, “It tastes bright,” or it has 'brightness'? Well they are not just being super pretentious… well they might be… but what they are saying is actually part of coffee vocabulary.  

What they are referring to is acidity. Acidity is experienced on the tongue as tingly or a sensation of liveliness. Too little acid and a coffee is just flat. Good acidity contributes to a coffee’s sweetness, fruit characteristics, and overall enjoyment. Too much of anything however can be a bad thing. Acidity that is too intense or overpowers the desired flavor is considered a detriment. 

From a spiritual perspective, is our approach to personnel evangelism and discipleship on point? Are our testimonies highlighting the sweetness and the liveliness of the Gospel, representing its true qualities as described in Scripture? Is the approach flat? Failing to show, talk, demonstrate the dynamic transformation from death to life through Christ? Is the approach too acidic, leaving the lost burned, overpowered, and leaving a poor aftertaste? 

See… just about anything can be used to bridge to the Gospel. 

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