Do you or your church want to get involved in the Kingdom Growers mission? We can help. With Kingdom Growers Trips your group will see first hand how empowering mission works. KG Trips are more than your standard mission trip. Travelers will learn the many hurdles facing modern mission work, and how the Kingdom Growers community development model approaches these issues. 



Not only will you be given the opportunity to help KG develop and refine our strategies at origin, you will gain immeasurable perspective on global missions, local culture, community development, empowering business, and more. We believe this perspective will help you and those you impact to be more effective and dedicated disciples. 



As you and your fellow adventurers work WITH (not for) locals, you will see how relationship driven mission/business allows Kingdom Growers to create sustainable assistance to communities. You will no doubt develop relationships of your own with your overseas brothers and sisters in Christ. 





A Kingdom Growers Trip is an experience in every sense of the word. The world is a big place and the Church expands far beyond the doors of your local church. Knowing this and seeing this are very different. KG Trips give you the chance to explore the vastness of God, the Church, and the world.


Interested in Kingdom Growers Trips?

A member of the Kingdom Growers team will contact you shortly to discuss your options and opportunities.  We look forward to working with you!  

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