Sigua Family

This high-grown coffee does more than get you through the morning. With several micro-enterprise ventures and programs to help local children, the folks behind this coffee make a huge impact in their community. 


Miguel Sandoval Micro-Lot

A true family enterprise, Miguel is a lifelong farmer who is passing the trade down. Miguel's farm has now been split between him and his two sons David and Daniel. With their own solar-dryer and another coming in 2018 the future is bright for the Sandovals.

Gustabo MarAdiaga MICRO-lot

Gustabo and his brother Nelson were some of the first farmers that the cooperative worked with in Honduras. As active members in their local church the Mardiaga brothers are well respected farmers working in more than just coffee. 


The foundation of Kingdom Growers coffee. This product embodies everything that KG stands for. Grown in over 10 communities by more than 80 farmers, this is truly a community product. Used in our Full-Flavored & Vienna roasts. 



El Presidente! Edgar is the president of the Cultivadores Del Rieno cooperative in central Honduras. As president Edgar works with dozens of contributed Kingdom Growers farmers. Mr. Sanchez also knows his way around coffee. Try his micro-lot today! 



David Lopez is a perfect example to what Kingdom Growers system looks to do. David started off working his own farm and funded a wet-mill that now services his entire community. You may not taste it, but this coffee is full of community development. 

Honduras may be small, but it’s rich in different varieties, processes, altitudes, micro-climates, cup profiles, and more.
— PerfectDailyGrind.com