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Using global industries for a global mission. 



Kingdom Growers coffee programs started in 2014 and have since grown to involve hundreds of farmers, producers and missionaries in multiple countries. Delicious coffee that helps share the gospel for no extra cost to you. Try some today! 

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Support Ministry in Style

Kingdom Growers is offering more than just coffee now! Support Kingdom Growers and our ministry partners with new KG T-shirts! More shirts are coming soon so stay updated. You can see and order these on the Apparel page under the Store tab. 

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Our Partners

Kingdom Growers could not exist without the help we receive from Baptist Global Response and the International Mission Board. Learn more about these incredible organizations below.


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Coming Soon

There is no shortage of lost and struggling people in the world, there is also no shortage of industries we can use to help them. Additional Kingdom Growers coffees, teas, apparel, and more, coming soon! 


Sustainable change focused on the Gospel.

Kingdom Growers uses a community development model that relies on long-term relationships with hard-working individuals worldwide. Through these relationships we can cultivate sustainable change that empowers communities to change from the inside out.  The foundation of this change is the Love of Jesus Christ. While we love helping people provide for their families and sourcing amazing products for our customers, our most important mission is to share the Gospel. 


Ways you can help. 

We believe that the church is all believers, everywhere. With that in mind we would love for you to get involved in the work that Kingdom Growers is doing. 

The easiest way to help us is to pray for us and the people we work with around the world.  Another way for you to get involved is to simply buy Kingdom Growers products. The more we sell, the more we source, resulting in more producers to serve and share with. With products like coffee and apparel it's easy for you to make an impact without spending more time or money. We are always trying to create more opportunities to get people involved in the ministries, so stay up to date with us on social media and the "Get Involved" page.